Rehabilitation Therapy...for Your Pet?

What Does That Mean? What Can It Include?

Thank your vet! If your veterinarian has prescribed pet rehabilitation it is because he or she is progressive and realizes the benefits rehab therapy can provide for a faster, more complete recovery or to extend the life of your pet. Your vet only wants the best for your animal; the return to an active, comfortable, healthy and pain-free lifestyle.

As pet owners, however, we know we cannot reason with our furry loved ones. They will move - sometimes too much; they will lay around - sometimes too much. That’s why they need human intervention. The right therapy in the right dose for any particular post-operative, post-traumatic or health enhancing reason is critical to success.

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    With adequate rehabilitation, more than 96% of dogs are able to return to normal activity.

    With the right surgical intervention, physical therapy and 8-10 weeks of restricted activity, Mid-Atlantic Animal Specialty Hospital can make this possible.

    Our Rehabilitation Specialties

    Mid-Atlantic Animal Specialty Hospital has devoted the time, space and talent to develop a world leading pet rehabilitation therapy unit. Our team of therapists and veterinary medical professionals will offer you and your pet the best and fastest solution for your pet’s recovery or exercise program using modern, best-in-class approaches to therapy.

    After initial consultation, therapy services may include manual therapy for improved range of motion, alignment and pain relief. We may also include one of our many unique services listed below. For every patient, we always create a comprehensive home exercise program which involves you - your pet’s most important care giver.


    Aquatic Therapy and Fitness

    Whether in our pool or on our underwater treadmill, water provides buoyancy for reduced stress to joints while allowing for more comfortable weight bearing or, in the case of the pool, no weight bearing at all. The resistance of water is beneficial for strengthening core and extremity muscles, encouraging fitness with reduced cardiovascular stress. Coupled with our therapists’ techniques, your pet’s aquatic exercise will be tailored to his or her condition and monitored for advancement from one session to the next.

    Our underwater treadmill is easily adjusted for the correct buoyancy needed while the treadmill facilitates movement and ambulation. Ramp access plus warmed and filtered water coming in from the bottom makes this a stress-free, enjoyable exercise for your dog. The adjustable river-like current intensity makes it impossible for your pet to avoid a workout appropriate for his or her condition.

    Laser Therapy

    Laser Light Therapy uses a non-invasive cold laser device which emits specific doses and wavelengths of light. When the wand is held over the problematic area the deep penetrating laser light interacts with cells to set off a chain of chemical reactions which trigger a faster healing of cells. It also encourages the release of endorphins to relieve pain while your pet feels nothing more than a gentle, soothing warmth.

    Laser therapy is for both cats and dogs and is good for soft tissue injuries, degenerative joint disease, myelopathy, arthritis and the healing of wounds.

    Ultrasound Therapy

    While laser therapy works for cellular regeneration using light, ultrasound therapy stimulates blood flow and enzyme activity using sound waves. These sound waves provide a painless high frequency massage below the surface of the skin to warm soft tissue, muscles, ligaments and tendons. It is therefore helpful in the reduction of swelling, reducing scar tissue and it speeds healing while relieving pain.

    Ultrasound therapy for pets is useful post-surgery or can be used to treat chronic conditions such as degenerative joint disease, hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis, bursitis or tendonitis.

    When Your Vet Recommends Rehabilitation Therapy...

    Your veterinarian might have recommended pet rehabilitation therapy for any number of reasons; post-surgery, post-trauma, for weight loss or exercise. MASH has the personnel, equipment and modern techniques any pro locker room or international athlete would be proud to use…but it is reserved for your pet under your own vet’s referral.

    Contact us today to set up your initial consultation. If you haven’t yet been given a referral from your local veterinarian but think our therapy program would be beneficial, contact us anyway. We’ll coordinate a referral from the primary care veterinarian or specialist you designate.

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