Appointment Information

  • Before You Arrive

    When referral for surgery is elected, it is preferred that your referring veterinarian contacts one of the surgeons at MASH beforehand to make arrangements for referral of the patient.  Please call our office at (410) 414-8250 between 10:00am and 6:00pm, Monday through Friday, to set up an appointment. At that time our staff will determine which one of our board certified surgeons will best diagnose and treat your pet.

    Our receptionists will usually call you for confirmation 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.  Please be sure to bring with you any and all pertinent paperwork.

    Your referring veterinarian will need to complete a surgical referral form, appropriate link below.

    MASH Referral Form

  • When You Arrive

    For safety reasons all pets are required to be securely leashed or crated for their appointments.  Upon entering our waiting room lobby you will be greeted by a receptionist and ushered into one of the waiting rooms, when available, where you may complete the registration documents for our records.

    We are pleased to provide you with a variety of forms that can simplify the process of caring for your pet. You can assist us in expediting this by opening the form below using Adobe Acrobat and either submit directly to us via email, print and bring with you, or fax to us at (410) 414-2222.

    MASH Registration Form

  • Meeting with your Surgeon

    A veterinary technician will soon be in to introduce themselves to you and your pet and will obtain a brief patient history and recording of your pet’s vital signs.  The surgeon will review your pet’s information and history, meet with you to clarify any details, answer your specific questions, and conduct a thorough physical examination of your pet. You will then be presented you with a detailed verbal and written assessment of your pet’s condition along with the proposed diagnostics, management options, designated treatment plan, risk factors and complications associated with surgical v. non-surgical treatment options, and expected prognosis.

    If you are returning for your pet to have surgery we ask that you complete the below form. Please open the form using Adobe Acrobat and either submit directly to us via email, print and bring with you, or fax to us at (410) 414-2222.

    Patient Intake Form

The Cost of Care

It is not always possible to accurately predict the outcome and associated costs of care and hospitalization.  A treatment plan with associated estimates will be provided and every attempt to adhere to these will be made.  We will try to inform you beforehand of any additional or projected costs if the estimates may be exceeded.

We do not offer a billing service; a deposit equal to 50% of the high end of the fee estimate is required at the time of admission to the hospital and the full balance is due at the time of discharge.  Options for payment include cash, credit card (American Express, VISA, MC, Discover, and  CareCreditTM).  Recheck appointments for radiographs, bandage changes, blood tests, etc. will usually incur additional charges.

Consent & Estimate Form

Visitation and Discharge

Please call to inquire about our visiting hours to schedule visitations with your pet.  You will usually receive a telephone call from one of our staff to schedule a time for patient discharge.  Detailed, typewritten case summary, care instructions, test results, and re-evaluation scheduling will be provided and discussed at the time of discharge. Be advised that after surgery (especially for trauma, orthopedic or neurologic injuries) most patients will need to be confined to a crate or cage for recovery, at times up to 8 or more weeks.


During this COVID-19 pandemic, the health and safety of our clients, patients & staff is our number one priority. We are taking the necessary precautions to minimize exposure. We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone and we thank you for your cooperation...

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