Our Mission

To provide quality specialty care for pets…and valuable client communication and education for veterinarians and pet owners alike.

Commitment to Caring

Pets are family; companions which smooth out the rough edges of our day and provide unquestioning devotion in a judgmental world. So, when they are sick or hurt we all want the best for them. MASH is committed to every animal and every owner that seeks treatment, as well as every local veterinarian who refers patients to us. We strive to make the experience the best it can be with:

  • Doctors who are leading the cutting edge of veterinary medicine, clinical research and are well respected for their expertise.
  • Veterinary Technicians and assistants who provide continuous care of your pet, assist the doctors with gentle handling of your family member and who are available each day to give you updates and answer any questions you may have while your pet is in the hospital.
  • Helpful office staff that is courteous, well-trained to answer your calls quickly and provide knowledgeable assistance.

The Mid-Atlantic Animal Specialty Hospital (MASH) is dedicated to providing the highest quality referral/specialty veterinary surgery and physical rehabilitation services as an extension of the care and services already provided by primary care veterinarians.

Commitment to Knowledge

MASH encourages the entire staff to further their knowledge in their respective job position. Continuing education courses are available to all members of MASH. These courses may include topics ranging from front desk procedures, etiquette, ethics, sensitivity training, and management issues, to directed coursework for obtaining veterinary technician licensure. We commonly host veterinary college students and veterinary technician students for credited externships over several weeks each year.

Commitment to Pet Owners

Besides providing knowledgeable and compassionate care for your pet, MASH looks out for you regarding the expense of providing the best possible treatment. We want owners to know that cost should never be the deciding factor when considering the options for surgery or rehabilitation. Our commitment is to offer an affordable option to the perceived high cost of pet care.

Our Vision

MASH is a professional, yet friendly, safe, compassionate and comfortable place where pets and their owners, veterinarians and our staff provide the answers, quality care and education they seek in an environment where continuous learning for personal growth is achievable.



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