Physical Rehabilitation & Fitness

Coping with injury, pain, or surgery is no fun for you or your pet. Our goal at MASH is to get you and your pet loving life again, whatever that might entail. Our team of rehabilitation therapists and veterinary medical professionals will coach you through a comprehensive home exercise plan that is safe and appropriate for your pet. We do this by providing the following therapy and training:

  • Innovative sports medicine and performance enhancement programs based on the principles of Optimum Performance Training
  • Intensive neuro-rehabilitation
  • Pro-active orthopedic rehabilitation
  • Dynamic aquatic therapy and fitness, featuring theOasis Canine Underwater Treadmill, and the SwimEx OS400 Current Resistance Pool
  • Progressive conditioning and weight management programs
  • Revolutionary orthotics, prosthetics, and assistive devices
  • Flexible inpatient, outpatient, and day rehabilitation

Rehabilitation services are provided only upon referral from a veterinarian.  If you do not have a referral, but are interested in our rehabilitation services, feel free to contact our office and we will help to coordinate this referral from your primary care veterinarian or the specialty veterinarian that you designate

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