Service Overview

Atlantic Veterinary Ultrasound, LLC was founded in 2011 by Dr. Molly Bechtold with the goal of providing high quality, advanced diagnostic imaging to the Southern Maryland region. We utilize veterinary abdominal ultrasound in many of the same circumstances that call for its use in humans. It is a safe, non-invasive tool that can aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of canine and feline abdominal disease. This is possible through detailed visualization of tissues and organs that is not possible with traditional radiographic techniques. Abdominal ultrasonography is best used to answer specific questions raised by a patient’s history, physical exam findings, laboratory analysis or radiographic evaluation.

State of the Art Equipment
Atlantic Veterinary Ultrasound, LLC utilizes the new MyLab™Five, which is equipped with the latest ultrasound technology in veterinary medicine. You can rest assured that the outstandng image quality and performance will give our doctors the necessary information to achieve an accurate clinical diagnosis.

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