Aquatic Therapy & Fitness

Keep Swimming!

We’re making a splash with our dynamic Aquatic Therapy & Fitness Program, featuring the Oasis Canine Underwater Treadmill and SwimEx OS400 Current Resistance Pool. Our team of rehabilitation therapists and veterinary medical professionals will get your pet swimming to recovery:

  • Innovative sports medicine and performance enhancement programs, based on the principles of Optimum Performance Training
  • Intensive neuro-rehabilitation
  • Pro-active orthopedic rehabilitation
  • Dynamic aquatic therapy and fitness, featuring the Oasis Canine Underwater Treadmill, and the SwimEx OS400 Current Resistance Pool
  • Progressive conditioning and weight management programs
  • Revolutionary orthotics, prosthetics, and assistive devices
  • Flexible inpatient, outpatient, and day rehabilitation

What are the benefits of Aquatic Therapy and Fitness?

Water has been utilized for centuries for its therapeutic benefits. Water provides buoyancy, for reduced stress to joints and to allow for more comfortable weight bearing. Water also provides resistance for strengthening of the muscles of the trunk (or “core”) and extremities. Exercise in water might also provide further cardiovascular benefits, as the hydrostatic pressures encountered in the aquatic exercise environment encourages fitness with reduced cardiovascular stress.

What modalities of Aquatic Therapy do we offer?

The Oasis Canine Underwater Treadmill boasts a large capacity, ramp-accessed, quiet, fully glass-enclosed stainless steel compartment that fills with warmed and filtered water from the bottom-up, making entry and exercise easy and low-stress for your pet.  The water height is easily adjustable, gradually adding varied degrees of buoyancy to your pet’s body and limbs during exercise to reduce the stress of weight bearing when the limbs are painful, injured, weak or recovering from surgery.  The moving treadmill belt platform facilitates movement and ambulation with the aid of water buoyancy to assist with muscle strengthening, improved joint range of motion and flexibility with gradual return to more normal stability and mobility over time.  All rehabilitation sessions in the Oasis Canine Underwater Treadmill are individually tailored to the patient and closely monitored by our physical rehabilitation providers. Pet owners are also welcome to observe and when requested, to offer limited interaction with their pets for encouragement and motivation during sessions. Photos and videos may be taken.

Though many facilities utilize pools with jets for resistance, the SwimEx OS400 provides a wide current, similar to that of a river. Jet-resistance pools apply resistance, necessary for strengthening, only in small focused areas, easily evaded by a savvy pup. Alternatively, the SwimEx current applies a uniform resistance to the entire leading edge of the body. We can alter the current intensity to your pet’s ability and measure the current with the unique, state-of-the-art Swimometer, guaranteeing progression of sessions and eventual results.


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