Carolyn A Rice

The experience we have had with MASH/APVES has been phenomenal. We live in a very rural area, Calvert County, and to have such expert services for our pets is incredible. Our American Cocker Spaniel was diagnosed with kidney disease, and in the stages of renal failure, at the young age of 7 by our veterinarian. They referred me to Dr. Bechtold of APVES as she has extensive experience managing kidney disease in small animals. This diagnosis happened the day we were leaving for our 10 day trip to Europe. We were not ready to put Tinkerbell down. APVES and Dr. Bechtold, in particular, knew exactly how to treat Tinkerbell and communicated with us via phone call and email of her progress while we were away. Since this diagnosis and treatment Tinkerbell is doing well and visits on occasion with Dr. Bechtold. Her renal values are stabilized and enjoying a quality of life. Thank You!!

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