Jeff Miller

We had two dogs needing hip and joint surgery. I had spent some time trying to see what to expect for this type of surgery. Dr. Nwadike set me straight. He spent a lot of time assuring us that our much loved dogs would have a good chance of a quality recovery. He laid the recovery on us and how we restricted the dogs movements and performed the exercise regime laid out by his staff. We tried to follow the program to the letter. I should also praise the emergency people that are available 24 hours a day (APVES). I had numerous questions and worries about our dogs recovery. They took all the time needed to still my concerns.

Our dogs are doing better than we ever dreamed.. I can’t thank Dr. Nwadike and all the staff at MASH and APVES enough. Our family is well again only now we know what restrictions to put on our dogs to keep them healthy.

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