Leslie Young

This is a review of two affiliated businesses, Mid-Atlantic Animal Specialty Hospital (MASH), and Allied Veterinary Ultrasound (AVU).

In 2015, we took two of our cats to MASH for non-routine illnesses. MASH provides specialized services far above what a general veterinarian can offer. The veterinarians at MASH take the time to listen to you carefully and examine your pet thoroughly. Unlike some of the other specialty animal clinics we’ve been to, MASH does not perform unnecessary tests. They are mindful of the costs to treat a sick animal.

Our first cat, Lenny, had cancer of the foot. We had taken him to several highly rated local veterinarians who couldn’t properly diagnose his condition. It wasn’t until we met Dr. Bruce Nwadike at MASH that we were able to get him properly diagnosed and treated thereby saving his life.

With the second cat, Paige, we saw Dr. Molly Bechtold at Allied Veterinary Ultrasound (AVU). Paige has multiple health issues. Some of Paige’s issues were beyond the scope of Dr. Bechtold who went above and beyond in coordinating visits with other specialists she knew who could help us. Dr. Bechtold always treated Paige with the greatest care and compassion. We’ve never met a veterinarian like Dr. Bechtold in our 20-year involvement with animal rescue. She surpassed our expectations in what we look for in a good veterinarian. Her bedside manner and her areas of expertise are very impressive. With each appointment, Dr. Bechtold informed us honestly of Paige’s prognosis. She stayed on top of everything and she was able to stabilize Paige’s hypertension very quickly. She treated Paige as if she were her own cat. By treating her hypertension quickly, she was able to extend Paige’s life. Dr. Bechtold always kept us up to date by phone on Paige’s condition. She continued to stay in touch with us even when we took Paige to another referred clinic.

Our experiences with Dr. Bruce Nwadike at MASH and with Dr. Bechtold at AVU have been good ones. They gave both of our cats great care, and we know they have extended their lives as much as possible. These veterinarians connect with both the pets and their owners.

We highly recommend the services of MASH and AVU, and we want you to know your pets’ lives are in great hands under the care of either of these two veterinarians.

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