Rodney Fleegle

We brought in our 6 year old boxer with a Mast Cell tumor on his front paw. Dr. Nwadike took the time to explain all of our choices. When we decided to go with tumor removal, Dr. Nwadike suggested we see an Oncologist, because the tumor removal on his paw may not get all of the clearances needed to be a full removal. We met with the oncologist, who gave us several suggestions – the main one was to let Dr. Nwadike remove the tumor as he’s a renowned expert in removal of tumors.

Long story made short: The tumor was removed and the biopsy came back that it was a full removal and no further steps were needed for his cancer. GONE!!

Dr. Nwadike and Dr. Oakley, my family thanks you every day we get to hug our Hank. You guys are fabulous! Your staff was always upbeat and personable. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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