William Hower

Good morning. I am just sending this note as a letter of appreciation for taking care of our dog Colby on Friday night. Colby loves trying to play with all animals and he found out the hard way that copperheads do NOT make good playmates. We took our dog to our regular vet in St. Marys county and they immediately referred us to your facility. By the time I got to your office I was obviously nervous and worried about my dog. My vet had called your facility and they were ready and waiting for him as I walked in the door. Colby was taken directly into the back and your doctors and techs began working their magic. I sat then I stood up, then I paced nervously. The front desk employee was very kind. She could tell I was nervous and upset and made small talk and even made me laugh at one point which really helped ease my tension. Dr. Huwe kept me very informed throughout the ordeal and she made sure she explained exactly what her prognosis was, along with the treatments they had planned, and the results of my pup’s bloodwork. Knowing what was going on made a traumatic evening for me and my family not quite so bad. I left Colby there overnight as Dr. Huwe recommended. The next morning I received a call from the doctor precisely when she said she would call and I was informed that my dog had done quite well overnight and I could go pick him up and take him home. The discharging vet tech thoroughly explained my dog’s situation and home care to me, ensuring I had no questions. Colby is home and comfy now and doing quite well considering his face was bitten by a copperhead only 3 days ago. Your facility is a great place and although I really never want to have to see an emergency veterinarian again, it is a comfort knowing that your place is there if we need it. I was there from about 7-8 pm on Friday, August 1st, and again on Saturday morning around 8 am on August 2nd. Please, if you would, ensure that Dr. Huwe and any other doctors and technicians who were working to help my dog see this letter or at least hear about it. My family and I are grateful and supremely appreciative for your services. Thank you!

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